Minute Mysteries

Getting excited about the launch of the next Puzzle Mystery Quilt, Tree of Life? Need something to pass the time?


Well, we have just the solution! Every day until signups open, we are going to be hosting a series of Minute Mysteries.


MM’s are quick brainteasers. For this round, we're going to be providing hints to reveal secret identities of famous people, male or female, fictional or historical. 


We will also provide two hints if you are stuck to help guide you to your solution.


For each correct answer, you’ll receive:

- 3 points for answering correctly with no hints

- 2 points for answering correctly with 1 hint

- 1 point for answering correctly with 2 hints.


All participants with the most points will receive a prize at the end of the contest and one lucky winner will receive 50% off their Spring Tree of Life PMQ. No purchase necessary at all. Easy as that!


Come back each day to see the solution to yesterday’s puzzle and the new mystery. We will post at approximately 8:30 am CST each day.


And don’t forget to mark your calendar - Friday, 7:00 am CST. Some colorways sell out in less than 30 minutes - set those alarms, detectives!

Thursday - Minute Mystery - SOLVED!

I am a fictional male

I first appeared in 1977

My little girl is a princess

I can sense your presence

I have nothing to do with Star Trek

I sound a lot like James Earl Jones

I have anger issues

I am more machine than man

If you know Star Wars, you know me

I top most “Bad Guys” lists

I am not a good father

I am caped, but not a crusader

That's the great baddie, Darth Vader (judges will also accept Anakin Skywalker).  Did you get the answer correct?

Friday - Minute Mystery

The Case: Who is this mystery person?  Can you deduce "who done it" from the clues?



I am a fictional male, but rumor has it that I existed

I have a taste for observation and deduction

I fought against a professor

It’s my business to know what other people don’t

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