Minute Mysteries

Getting excited about the launch of the next Puzzle Mystery Quilt, Carnival? Need something to pass the time?


Well, we have just the solution! Every day until signups open, we are going to be hosting a series of Minute Mysteries.


MM’s are quick brainteasers. We’ll set up a situation, you tell us what could have happened. We will also provide two hints if you are stuck to help guide you to your solution.


For each correct answer, you’ll receive:

- 3 points for answering correctly with no hints

- 2 points for answering correctly with 1 hint

- 1 point for answering correctly with 2 hints.


All participants with the most points will receive a prize at the end of the contest and one lucky winner will receive 50% off their Spring Village Green PMQ. No purchase necessary at all. Easy as that!


Come back each day to see the solution to yesterday’s puzzle and the new mystery. We will post at approximately 8:30 am CST each day.

Example - In the old West a man rides into town on Friday. He stays for three days, and leaves on Friday. How can this be?

Answer - His horse was named Friday.


And don’t forget to mark your calendar - Friday, 7:00 am CDT. Some colorways sell out in less than 30 minutes - set those alarms, detectives!

Yesterday's Mystery - SOLVED!

The Case: In the 1950s, a doctor prescribes an unusual - and visually unappealing - diet to a reluctant individual. The doctor never talks to the individual about the case, but publishes this diet in a popular children's book.


The Mystery: Why did the doctor create the diet and what is the title of his book?

Dr. Seuss created the diet, Green Eggs and Ham, for one of his popular children's novels.

Friday - Minute Mystery

The Case: Every day that she goes to work, Celeste seems to run in circles to get things done. Instead of becoming frustrated by the repetitive nature of what she does, she thrives in this environment. As she see it, speed is her friend - and the faster she does what she does, the better.


The Mystery: What is Celeste's job and why doesn't she mind it?

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