Community Tree

The Tree of Life represents harmony and balance in nature, rebirth and a connection. Trees are symbols of strength, individuality and expression, calmness, growth and the interconnectedness of everything.

Team Cotton Cuts absolutely loves the theme of our next Puzzle Mystery Quilt, Tree of Life.  We embrace the significance of community and team spirit with our detectives and want to include everyone in a special project, the Cotton Cuts Community Tree.


Once a member joins the Tree of Life Puzzle Mystery Quilt, our team of enthusiasts will send them a letter in the mail that includes a 2.5" x 2.5" piece of batik fabric with fusible interfacing on it.  We will ask them to cut it into their favorite leaf shape, sign their name and location using a permanent marker, then mail it back to the address below.


Each week, during our Cotton Cuts Live (9:30 am Central, Thursdays), we will randomly draw one of the leaves and give a member of our community a gift.  We will then iron all new leaves to the Community Tree.


Watch each week as our tree grows.


Please mail your leaf to:  Cotton Cuts Community Tree, 2044 Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, MO 63017


Need leaf shape inspiration?  Take a look at the gallery of leaves on the left.  Or simply improv a new species of trees.  Whatever makes you smile will work perfectly on the Community Tree.