Every Snippet member receives:

- One die cut scrap bag from a recent Puzzle Mystery Quilt, weighing between 13.5 - 15.5 ounces (almost 2.5 yards if cut continuously)

- Collectible “CC Color Challenge” block

- Our signature #quiltytruth pencil


Snippet memberships ship the 25th of every month.

What is a Snippet Scrap Bag?

Each bag is slightly less than a pound (saves on shipping costs!) and consists of scraps from our Puzzle Mystery Quilt. Every time we cut the parts and pieces out from the cutter, scraps are left behind. Add to that miscuts, and we end up with a lot of scrap fabric perfectly paired to a scrap quilter. Each grab bag is a potpourri - strips range from 13-21" long and about 2" wide - with lots of random shapes and cuts perfect for the scrap enthusiast. Each bag will contain at least two different prints of fabric for variety.  For reference, a yard of linear fabric is approximately 6 oz, so each bag would be a little more than 2 yards if continuous off the bolt. 

See what our Enthusiasts are making with their Snippet Bags!