Cotton Cuts Cares

Firmly aligned with our Core Values, Cotton Cuts believes in giving back the communities around us and leaving a legacy longer than profit and loss.  To that end, we are proud to announce the start of a monthly giveback program.


Each month, we will select a non profit organization to feature.  We will share their mission, values and ways for our audience to contribute.  Occasionally, we will sponsor challenges - stay tuned on social media for those fun opportunities.


For every NEW Classic, Modern Maker, Java and Chroma Super Pop membership purchased in that month, Cotton Cuts will donate $5.00 to the featured organization.

We exist to educate, employ, and empower people to pursue life in all its fullness. We do that by creating purposeful products that change communities. Things like school uniforms, soap, feminine hygiene pads, and farm fresh food.


Our annual Sew Powerful Purse program enables girls to stay in school. Purses are made and sent to Zambia as gifts. The local seamstresses in Zambia make re-usable hygiene pads and together they are provided to girls as part of health (MHM) training.

In Zambia it’s the common cultural practice in both poor urban and remote village areas that girls stay home when they are on their period. The 7th Grade Exam is a pivotal academic test in Zambia. When we started our program in 2014, the girls failed to pass the exam at more than 10% higher rate than boys. Based on our data, there is a real problem that can be measured. If a student (either girl or boy) doesn’t pass the 7th Grade Exams, they cannot go to Secondary School (what we call High School in the U.S.) and their academic career is over. There is no ‘remedial high school’ or back-up plan. They are done with school forever. 


Our Lusaka based sewing cooperative makes reusable feminine hygiene products (as well as school uniforms and soap). We call these our “Purposeful Products”. These moms, aunties, and grandmas making these items are the heroes of our story. Their work is impacting their community for the better. Through our program they are paid for their work so they do well by doing good.


In addition to sewing the pads and making the soap, they coordinate health class training and purse distributions with local teachers so girls can receive the items they need to manage their period. This is not a one-time dump and run effort, where girls get something and then in the future cannot get more. Our program is a long-term collaboration with the schools.


When girls receive a purse they take The Sew Powerful Pledge – and promise to stay in school all month if they receive a purse filled with supplies. We ask seamstresses around the world to help support the program by making the most amazing and beautiful purses - because the girls deserve the best. The purse is the perfect delivery method for the pads, soap, and underwear. You can also support the program financially and advocate for the program in your social network.


How to Get Involved: