Introducing the Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilt

  Mark your calendars: 

The Fall 2019 "Cosmos" signups will open at 7:00 am CST, May 31, 2019 and clues will ship on July 26, 2019!

What is a puzzle mystery quilt (PMQ)?

Every month for ten (10) months you'll receive...

  • PRE-CUT pieces of fabric (triangles, squares and strips - we do all the cutting, even those pesky corners on your triangles - so you don't have to cut a thing!)

  • Instructions for turning the pieces of fabric into puzzle pieces. This isn't a block of the month, but rather puzzle pieces of the month!

In the tenth (10th) month, you'll receive the key to putting together the puzzle...


A beautiful quilt top!

All packets will ship on the first Friday of the month direct to you.

There are two sizes for the finished quilt top - 48" x 60" and 72" x 72". Quantities are limited - reserve your colorway today!

The small quilt is $17.50 per month while the large quilt is $25.00 per month. Shipping is FREE in the United States every month!!

Who participates in a PMQ?

A puzzle mystery quilt is fun for anyone, especially:

  1. The Busy Quilter with a go-go life that has only 2-4 hours a month to sew;

  2. The Beginning Quilter that is excited to expand their skills; or

  3. The Experienced Quilter that wants to sew but doesn't want to cut small pieces.

Why join?

1 - It's easy

Everything's cut for you, all you have to do is sew it together using the easy to follow instructions complete with clear diagrams - even a beginner can do it!

2 - It's quick

Too busy working or looking after the family to quilt? Just one short stitching session each month and you will have all the pieces ready to put together

3 - It's fun

You'll know the fabrics and the finished size, but that's all - have fun guessing what the pattern is going to be

4 - It's perfect for quilt groups

Get together with your friends to make your Mystery blocks each month and compare how the different colorways look

5 - Can't do rotary cutting?

Many people struggle with arthritis, vision problems and other reasons why they can't use a rotary cutter any more. We do all the cutting for you so you don't have to

6 - Great choice of colorways

We put the fabrics together to make a great choice of designer curated colorways for you, no more worrying about picking the right fabric combinations

7 - No waste

This is one project where you won't end up with more in your stash than you started with - all you are paying for is the fabric you actually use!

On top of all this YOU are helping to support jobs for disabled Americans

How do I get started?

  1. Go to PMQ to pick your colorway and quilt top size.
  2. Pick your payment option - month-to-month or up-front.
  3. Start checking your mailbox for fabric and instructions!

What are you waiting for?