Flat Nancy

Welcome to the NEW Flat Nancy check in giveaway for the Carnival Puzzle Mystery! Here, we will be hosting a monthly check in for the giveaway.


To enter the giveaway, follow these easy steps:


1.) Take a photo of any Carnival clue (in progress or completed) with your Flat Nancy card.


2.) Fill out the form below in order to tell us where you are quilting from. This will add your point to the map below and let other quilters know where you are quilting from.

(Note: Your address will not be shared anywhere on the map. The point will be placed on the map based on the city that you input to the form.)


3.) Feel free to add any description about your quilting location! The map updates daily, so check back soon to see your point on the map and see from where other detectives are quilting!


4.) Upload your Flat Nancy photo to the end of the form.


Be sure to fill out the form and upload your photo by 11:59 PM on the first of each month's to be entered in that month's giveaway.


(Note: by uploading a photo to this form, you authorize to use this photo on any and all Cotton Cuts social media platforms. This photo will not be used in the map.)


Each month, we'll give away 10 $25 Cotton Cuts gift cards to 10 lucky detectives! Participate in all 10 months of the sweepstakes and you'll be entered to win a FREE PMQ for the Fall of 2024!


Happy Sewing!


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Flat Nancy - Month 1 Winners and Pins