Gnomes Gnomes Gnomes

Gnomes Gnomes Gnomes

Posted by Robyn Thomas on 5th Feb 2024

As we dance into 2024, our lovable gnomes are here to stay, continuing to be your trusty companions on the creative journey. These monthly gnomes aren't just tiny fabric figures; they're your partners in crime, ready to sprinkle a dash of joy into every stitch and seam. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just dipping your toes into the world of crafting, these gnomes are here to make your artistic endeavors as delightful as a gnome-filled garden. Get ready for a year brimming with creativity, laughter, and the perpetual joy that only these cotton-clad companions can bring! Let the gnome festivities continue!

With 2023 behind us, our Cotton Cuts monthly gnome projects have been revealed. But did you know that is not the end of our GNOME craze? Our customers will be able to continue to order and put together our monthly gnomes well into 2024. Now that you've seen them all, what would YOU do with these adorable little guys?

As we revealed during our weekly LIVE, your gnome creations know no boundaries. And now, you can continue to make them uniquely your own, as you can put together your own masterpieces knowing all of the designs you have to work with.

For the past year, we have been sewing gnomes like crazy. Our Cotton Cuts shop sewers have been putting them together, and we have two amazing Gnome Ambassadors that have joined us as well. 

Martha has been sewing her gnomes like clockwork every month, and you can view her sew-along videos on her YouTube Channel Martha's Creative Life. She will walk you through the process of sewing them together, offer tips and tricks along the way, and share her completed projects, to keep you on track and inspired.


Andrea of Arkansasgals has also been busy at work finishing her year of gnomes as well. She will show her her completed projects and also offer us the different ways you can work them into your favorite project, including wall hangings and table runners.

(Arkansas Gals)

But what we love about our gnome projects is that they are created and designed to be whatever YOU want them to be in the end. And our employees and Cotton Cuts enthusiasts have come up with some wonderful designs that went beyond our expectations.

Here is some out-of-the-box designing from Dawn that made her gnome wall hanging exclusively her own.

Mix and Match Your Favorites

Now that all of the designs have been revealed, you can let your creative thoughts flow. We've seen some adorable ideas that take our Gnomes to the next level. Why not create a wall hanging or a table runner that represents each season? You could create a collection of all gnomes, or mix and match your favorite gnome from each month, with an assortment of accents. 

Everybody Can Sew a Gnome

Are you a new sewer? Or do you know someone who is new to sewing or thinking of giving it a try? There is no better way to introduce a newbie to the joy of sewing than with pre-cut easy to assemble projects that are simple, confidence builders from start to finish.

You can complete a gnome panel in a day. Really! These single panels finish at an easy to work with size. You can easily finish them and practice the assembly of batting and backing, as well as binding them for your finished look. What better way to practice and gain the confidence you need to move on to finishing your larger quilts?

Show off your upper-level skills by finishing your gnome in a style that is uniquely YOU. Select a beautiful, unique backing fabric and binding. Combine a few cute gnomes or a combination of gnomes and accent panels to expand your creation to a large wall-hanging, table runner or a lap quilt. All 12 gnomes would make one amazing large comfy quilt to thrill kids and grandkids! 

What comes to mind? Send us pictures of your completed gnome projects and we will gladly show them off! We can't wait to see.

And Did You Know? 

Every kit comes with plenty of extra pieces. Enough for you to feel confident that you will have enough square and triangles to complete your gnome without worrying that you might mess us a square and need to contact us for a replacement. So many extras, you will feel like you are getting another bundle of pre-cut pieces for free! What will you do with all of those bonus squares and triangles?