Fabric Phone Holder

Fabric Phone Holder

16th Jun 2022

It doesn’t take long for my sewing room to get messy as I work on a project and I am constantly losing track of my phone in the process. I found this pattern for a phone/tablet holder that can also double as a pincushion. These adorable Tula Pink Tiny Beast fabrics from Free Spirit found in this month's Modern Maker Membership box are perfect for this project. I was inspired by a post on Pinterest from Factotum of Arts with a nice tutorial. I made a few changes to use two directional fabrics since I couldn’t pick just one of the new Tiny Beasts fabrics! They are all too cute!

Materials Needed:

12 x 6 ¼” piece of One Man's Trash - Glow Racoon fabric

12 x 3 ¼” piece of Painted Ladies - Glow ladybug fabric

Poly-Fil stuffing

2-3 cups of Rice

Coordinating Aurifil Thread from Chroma Membership

1 ¼” x 5 ½” piece of Peltex or sturdy cardboard or plastic 

To get started I sewed the Racoon and ladybug fabrics together with a ¼” seam to create a 12” x 9” rectangle. Since I was working with a fabric with a lot of white in the background I decided to add a layer of Pellon Shape Flex 101 fusible interfacing to the back of the rectangle. I did not want the rice to show through the light colored fabric. Fold the rectangle in half to make it 6” x 9” and press. Sew with a ¼” seam and leave about a 1.5” opening along the top edge to allow rice to be added later.

Press the seam so that it is in the middle lining up with the pressed crease. It will make a triangle shape at the top. Sew the bottom edge with a ¼” seam leaving an 1.5” opening to stuff with Poly-Fil.

Turn right side out taking care to push out the corners. Insert the piece of Peltex or rigid cardboard into the bottom opening.

The top edge should align with the seam connecting the two fabrics. Topstitch around the piece of Peltex to secure it in place.

Add small fluffs of Poly-Fil into the bottom opening till it is firm. Using a chopstick is helpful to push it into the small space.

Hand stitch the opening closed. The top part will be filled with rice. A funnel or small container with a spout makes this process go pretty quickly. Fill to nearly the top and then fill the rest of the space with a few fluffs of Poly-Fil.

Hand stitch this opening closed and you are finished. This is the perfect size for your phone or tablet. I like to have my table right next to my sewing machine to follow instructions as I sew.

The phone holder would be a perfect gift for your sewing friends for birthday and holiday gifts.

Check out Fun in the sun blog for some more ideas using Tula Pink fabrics.