Custom Aurora Sunprint 1

Was: $315.00
Now: $250.00

This purchase is for a pre-order of your customized Aurora Quilt Design, created with Sunprints 2024. Our team will deliver a proof to you prior to ordering to confirm that the quilt is exactly what you are seeking.  

Please note - these materials are not commercially available at the time of order.  They will ship to us in April 2024 and we will start shipping to you in May 2024 to create your own, uniquely designed quilt.

Quilt Design: Aurora Quilt
Current Selected Designs:
Design for Fabric A selected: A-790-O
Design for Fabric B selected: A-790-L
Design for Fabric C selected: A-790-P1
Design for Fabric D selected: A-1013-L
Design for Fabric E selected: A-1013-B
Design for Fabric F selected: A-1013-K