Will You Accept the Challenge?

Will You Accept the Challenge?

Posted by Robyn Thomas on 23rd Jan 2024

The Cotton Cuts monthly Color Challenge cards are a delightful source of inspiration for our quilting enthusiasts! These cards offer a fun and creative way to explore color combinations and patterns in your quilting projects. Our monthly selection of patterns are available to all Cotton Cuts monthly members, whether you have ordered a Classic or Modern Maker Box or participate in the PMQ, these cards are perfect for both seasoned quilters and beginners looking to add a pop of color to their creations. Get ready to infuse your quilting journey with a burst of creativity using these charming challenge cards!

Our monthly block offers you a change to get your creative juices flowing. One side of the card gives you simple instructions for cutting and sewing the block. The other side is a grid you can use to put your colored pencils or markers to use. What a great moment to relieve stress or get out of your head and create, even for just a few minutes. Keep your monthly cards in a safe location to collect and refer to when you need to start a new project.

Cotton Cuts is all about fun and community, so we created our Color Challenge cards to add even more quilty fun and creativity to the lives of our members. But we don't stop there. If you choose to create a block from our monthly card option, you can post it in our Cotton Cuts Fabric group and show it off. Every month our team selects one entry that is colored and one that is sewn as our Color Challenge winner, which comes with a prize.

We have seen our Color Challenge cards open up our members eyes to new ideas that they ran with. Take a look at Patty's gorgeous block she sewed in August of 2022. 

"After seeing some of your blocks with such beautiful fabrics, I decided to remake the July Color Challenge block with some Japanese prints I have been hoarding... I mean, PRESERVING... for some dreamy future project that might never exist. ? I think I've broken a barrier, because now I'm on a roll with these fabrics. Even if I never make a quilt, I'm having a great time."

Last year, we saw some of our vastly talented Cotton Cuts Fabric detectives put together entire quilts from our 2022 Color Challenge blocks of the month. It brought our shop such joy and admiration to see their work put together with our blocks that we gifted them a $50 gift card to Cotton Cuts and the promise that we would continue this terrific project moving forward. 

Here are the quilts we fell in love with in January of 2022. 


The two above quilts were created by Brittany Jones and April Blue. Its extraordinary to see such similar yet distinctly unique quilts come together. We love how each one finished and their distinct vision.


And these two were created by Laura Tilton and Debbie Deleeuw. Much like the finished looks of each of our PMQs with their unique colorways, these blocks take on the same patterns, but the other collective elements of colors, placements and accents make each one so unique.

And so the tradition continues. Have you been sewing the Color Challenge monthly cards of 2023? Put it together and share your creations with us. We can't wait to see how you put those blocks together. What elements will make it distinctly your own?

And make sure to collect your cards in 2024 and sew each month along the way. Will you collect some of your favorite fabrics to use each month? Or will you dive into your scrap pile and see where they take you? Whatever your plan, we can't wait to see what you do in 2024 with your Color Challenge cards.

And don't forget, you can download the cards each month from our website. And, you can order an entire set of 2022 AND 2023 cards from our website. No need to panic if you are ready to sew but can't put your fingers on all of those cards we've sent you. 

Happy Color Challenge Sewing in 2024.