The Carnival Wrap-Up

The Carnival Wrap-Up

Posted by Robyn Thomas on 13th May 2024

The Carnival is Leaving Town! 

As with all of our Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilts, on April 26th, the Big Reveal of Carnival brought the Spring 2023 PMQ to a close. We were so excited to reveal the layout of Carnival, and see how this incredible design came together. As always, it is a thrill to see how these different colorways make each quilt look so unique. 


Here are Eddi Plager's Log Flume and Robin Turnerryan's Fortune Teller.

We have encountered a lot of FIRSTS with this Puzzle Mystery Quilt. 

Let's reflect back on a few highlights from our Carnival ride.

  1. For this round, we had 16 colorway options available, which is more than we have ever offered before. And let's be honest, they were all fun and beautifully coordinated. 
  2. This was the first time we asked our Cotton Cuts Fabric members to help us name our colorways. We asked you to vote and your enthusiasm and responses were overwhelming. Thanks for helping us with that fun project. It's a great activity we plan to continue with our future PMQs.
  3. Every cycle, there are detectives who try to piece together the final layout as the mystery starts to wrap up. Its has always remained a mystery with a few enthusiasts getting close, but not quite figuring it out completely without the instructions. This time, our own Off Kilter Crafter Ian, solved the mystery! 
  4. And, to put another feather in a cap, we also had a PMQ participant figure it out as well! Gail Leffert and her husband, John, worked together month by month to twist and turn each piece as Gail sewed them. Eureka! Together they also solved the mystery! 

Ian's large Petting Zoo

Take a look at Ian's journey to piece together his Petting Zoo all on his own, prior to receiving Clue 10. 

Carnival Pre Reveal Guess

Karen Harvey's Log Flume

Rose Stertz's Hot Air Balloon

Katie Kulhanek' Cotton Candy

Don't forget, you can see everyone's completed Carnival quilt tops in our Facebook Group Cotton Cuts Fabric. So many of our enthusiastic and committed detectives post their completed colorways. Our page is definitely a Carnival explosion right now and worth checking out. (Psst.... if you are not already a member of our private group, join now. You will have see the current colorways and get early access to all things Cotton Cuts with each new project and offer we dream up!)

Make sure to check out our Big Reveal for Carnival. We show off lots of completed colorways, chat with our Carnival Ambassadors and share the details from those expert detectives who figured out the mystery all on their own! Check it out on this link: Carnival Big Reveal

Are you inspired? Can't wait to start your next PMQ or get in on the fun and try to sew together your very first one? Be sure to check out the new colorways, already posted for our next Puzzle Mystery Quilt Wild West

You can find the colorways right here, linking to our website: Wild West

And, you can find out all of the details you never knew about a Cotton Cuts PMQ by watching our weekly live show that we dedicated to all things PMQ right here: Cotton Cuts LIVE PMQ details.

Don't forget, sign-ups for Wild West open on Friday, May 31st at 7:00 am CDT. Have your favorite colorway picked out and be ready to go. Our colorways will sell out quickly!