Tree of Life Ambassadors: Here to Help

Tree of Life Ambassadors: Here to Help

Posted by Robyn Thomas on 23rd Feb 2024

At Cotton Cuts, we love our Puzzle Mystery Quilt Ambassadors. In fact, we couldn't do what we do without them, as they share their journey every month, assembling our monthly clues and sewing through the process from start to finish right along side of you.

Did you know that although we have 16 colorways to choose from, each clue is the same for a small or a large quilt? That means that you can watch any or all of our Ambassadors and still benefit from each tutorial as you sew your own colorway together. This is important to know since not all of our colorways are represented by a PMQ Ambassador. And, there are differences in the assembly of our clues between the large and small. 

However, it really is fun to follow along with the Ambassador that is sewing your colorway, isn't it?

Here is a list of our Ambassadors for Tree of Life, along with the colorways they are sewing. Pick one, or better yet, follow them all! All of our colorways are so beautiful. It's a joy to see them all come together.

Andrea from Arkansas Gals has been a PMQ Ambassador for several of our previous PMQs. She brings the fun and sass to each of her unboxings and will walk you each clue monthly for her Large Jubilee. Go to her YouTube channel for her step-by-step tutorials. Stay for her fun unboxings and follow her for tons of fun.


Sean is The Guy Who Sews. And he sews a lot! He is a fantastic teacher to help you sew your PMQ clues and answer any questions you may have. So don't hesitate to drop him a question in the comments of one of his videos. He has also sewn together a few of our Cotton Cuts Gnomes that you should check out as well. Sean does a weekly LIVE on YouTube every Saturday morning. (Bonus: you can sometimes catch a Cotton Cuts Fabric Enthusiast or another Ambassador joining him for the sewing fun each week.) And Sean also does a sewing podcast every Sunday so check that out as well. Sean has a lot going on and we are lucky to have him in our Cotton Cuts community! 

The Guy Who Sews

Anne Hunt is our friend and the creator of Toby Knits. Anne is a quilter, sewer and knitter. You will simply not get enough of her adorable projects and her fun tutorials for the PMQ. She has been an Ambassador with Cotton Cuts for several years now, and will help you through any challenges you may have. Also, be sure to check out her knits! She has knitted some adorable socks. And its always fun when Toby makes an appearance. Tune in to see him as well.


Yvette has been quilting for over 20 years. She lives, breathes and teaches Foundation Paper Piecing. You can find her on social media as TheYvetteRene and with her companies, YvetteRene Creations and Piecing It Real. She's been sewing with Kim and Cotton Cuts since 2016. Be sure to check out her videos as she sews together Green Meadow. And if you are ready to learn all about Foundation Paper Piecing, Yvette is your go-to gal!


If you are a fan of our PMQs, then you know Ian! He is a go-to expert for all things Puzzle Mystery Quilt! Ian's tutorials make it fun and easy to follow along and get your clues sewn in no time, with expert help along the way. For this PMQ, he and Becca each chose the other one's colorways. What fun it was to see them open their buddy's choice for them with the start of clue one. Be sure to check out Ian for PMQ support and his quilting journey. One of our favorite quilts, created by Ian, is off to a International quilt show. 

Off Kilter Crafter Ian

Make sure to checkout Beth at Gude Goods (pronounced like Goody Goods). She is an amazing sewer and quilter in addition to being a busy mom of four little ones. You can check out her tutorials, follow her with #TeamOliveGrove, and peek in on her many projects on her YouTube channel. Her work is amazing!

Gude Goods

If you are sewing Tree of Life's Moonlit colorway, you will want to follow Amber as she sews this beautiful colorway together each month. You will find her on YouTube at the link below. Also, while you are there, check out Amber's incredible selection of bags. And she provides instruction to make your very own. 

And don't forget, you can follow Amber's PMQ tutorials for large PMQs, even if you are sewing a different colorway!

Sew Majestic

If you have been a Cotton Cuts fan for a minute or longer, you know Becca. We are thrilled that Sew Becca continues to sew our PMQs together over and over again. It will be so fun to see Becca put together Tranquil, as this colorway was chosen for her by Ian and is "out of her comfort zone." But, honestly, we know Becca can sew anything! Make sure to tune in every month to see her progress. Follow her on YouTube to be the first to see her new projects, and scroll through her previous ones. You will be sure to find the perfect project for you, and Becca will help you get it done.

Sew Becca

Crystal is your expert on sewing our colorway Secret Garden, a very popular and sold out colorway. So if you were lucky enough to get in on this beautiful fabric choice, make sure you are following along with Crystal each month as she sews it together. While at Crystal's YouTube channel, you will find her sewing several of our previous PMQs, and also working on her inspiring creative and thrifty projects. Crystal knows how to make those orphan blocks work together in the most magnificent way! You have got to check her out!

Crystal Heart

There you have it! Our Tree of Life Ambassador team! They are all ready to help you work through your PMQ clues each month. Watch their tutorials, catch a glimpse of their completed clues when they post those final pics, and stay for all of the awesome projects and ideas they have to offer.

And in just 10 months, we will all be sewing those gorgeous quilt tops together!

Happy Sewing detectives!