All About Gnomes

All About Gnomes

Posted by Robyn Thomas on 10th Aug 2023

At Cotton Cuts, gnomes are much more than folklore. In 2023, our gnomes are stealing the show, as new designs are introduced every month, one just as cute as the month before.

Sew, what ARE these gnomes we speak of?

How cute are these guys?

Cotton Cuts has created a build your own project, centered around these adorable graphics, where you can pick and choose as many, or as few, designs are you'd like. Every month, a boy and a girl gnome are features, along with two accent options. Pick them all, or just choose one or two. Each month, the theme changes, and relates to what we love about that month; winter, Valentine's Day, Easter, just to name a few. So far, we've seen these fun designs come out each month through July. With four designs to choose from, you pick which ones, how many, and build the exact project you want to do.

Here are just a few ideas. Use each month to build a beautiful quilt. Make a monthly wall hanging or table runner with all four panel options. Or a smaller wall hanging, using just one panel to interchange on your front door. 

And, in addition to four designs each month, you also choose your fabric. These options come in solids and batiks. 

With each order, you will receive a packet of pre-cut, ready to sew, fabric pieces, ready for you to bring your gnome to life.

The final layout of one gnome finished at 13"x22". But don't forget, we have wall hanging and table runner kits that help you put it all together and adds in borders as well.

And, we also can send you a Quilt Smart Grid. This grid makes it easy for you to sew your blocks together with precision. You iron your 2.5 inch squares, in the final layout, to the fusible grid, turn the grid over and sew. First all of the horizontal lines, then the vertical. When you are finished, sewn perfection.

Andrea, from ArkansasGals, says that the Quilt Smart Grid is great for saving time when you want to get your project finished and have that perfect alignment. And Martha, of Martha's Creative Life, added this:

"Before becoming a Cotton Cuts gnome ambassador I had never heard of the quilt smart grid interfacing. I have found lots of people in my community on YouTube have not heard of it either. It has been a total game changer and makes putting the gnomes together so much fun! It’s like putting a puzzle together with fabric."

Still have questions? We have two Cotton Cuts Ambassadors that are here to help. You can find them both on YouTube, sewing gnomes each month, answering questions, and walking you through their process.

Meet Martha

Martha is showing off the color swatch card that comes with each month. It's just sew easy! 

Martha is a Cotton Cuts fan from way back. Looking for a project to do with her sister-in-law, she happened upon our Puzzle Mystery Quilt and has been with us ever since. We were so happy to bring her on board as our Gnome Ambassador and she is your go-to person for all gnome questions if you have them. Join Martha at Martha's Creative Life on YouTube. You will find her unboxing and her gnome tutorials. She is an expert who will answer any questions you may have along the way.

Martha is also sewing the Carnival PMQ. Catch up with her as she sews Sky Flyer in some lovely shades of blue that will make you want to run to our website and order your own right now.

Meet Andrea

If you are seeking product reviews and unboxings, Andrea is your gal. Join her on YouTube at ArkansasGals for a bit of everything, including Cotton Cuts unboxings, product reviews and project. She has been on a roll, sewing her gnomes together each month, creating beautiful table runners, ready for every holiday display.

Andrea is a Cotton Cuts PMQ Ambassador as well, just starting her third PMQ with us as we start Carnival. She has chosen the Sky Diver colorway.

Is the Gnome of the Month the right project for me?

Yes! The gnome projects are the right choice for everyone. If you are a new sewer, this is an ideal choice for perfecting your sewing skills. Because they are all pre-cut, you start immediately on sewing your project together. No measuring and cutting, no math, no agonizing over fabric selections, no miscuts. Just go and sew. See your project come together quickly. Gain confidence that you have what it takes to move on to the next challenge.

Andrea says:

"They are so fun and cute!!! And great to change out each month for decorations with the changing seasons and holidays."

How do I order mine?

You can order all of our gnomes on our website at

  1. Pick your month.
  2. Pick your fabric.
  3. Choose your gnomes, boy and/or girl and up to 2 accent blocks.
  4. Add on the Quilt Smart Grid, if you like.
  5. Add the finishing option if you know you want to make a table runner or wall hanging. (Optional)
  6. Check out.

Do you need thread? Don't forget that we offer monthly thread memberships so you'll never run out. But one-time purchases are always an option as well. Check out our Chroma Essential, which sends you out that neutral thread we can't have enough of. Choices of any combination of white, black and gray.

Try one or try them all. We can take send you all of the gnomes that have been released so far, and continue to send you the rest for the remainder of the year.

Not sure? Try one month. And when you love it, come back and order the other choices. We have all of the months ready for you. So, if you love those beautiful blues of January, order now. We still have fabric. And we will let you know if we run out. Hurry before that happens!

Which is your favorite?

We still have many months to go until the end of 2023. But so far the fan favorite is July. These patriotic little guys and their American flag accents are running away with the trophy for fan favorite. Andrea loves the quilt block design incorporated into their hats! And Martha loves the patriotic July gnomes, being the proud wife of a US Navy veteran. 

A close second is the cute and fun watermelons of June. And May's graduation gnome is also a home run. Can't you see that adorable gnome on your front door, welcoming your graduate home? Perfect for a graduation celebration.

With five more month left in 2023, what else do we have in store? We can't wait to show you.