Quilting Retreats...Why You NEED to Go!

Quilting Retreats...Why You NEED to Go!

Posted by Stephanie Feador on 13th Mar 2023

About me...

My name is Stephanie Feador, better known in the quilting world as Stephanie’s Stitches. I have been sewing since I was a young child, and quilting for nearly 20 years. I wear many hats which include pattern writing, long-arming, YouTube creator, and of course, hosting quilting retreats. My company, Together We Sew Quilting Retreats, currently hosts 4 to 5 in person retreats around the country each year.

Types of Quilting Retreats…

There are three main types of quilting retreats: virtual, in-person UFO/WIP retreats, in-person instructor-led retreats. I have attended virtual retreats and there is value in them for connecting people around the country and even the world, or if you are someone who cannot travel for whatever reason. But, for me, I prefer in-person retreats for the reason that the word retreat from my crazy every day life. Did I mention on top of all my business ventures that we have and homeschool four children? This mama needs to recharge every now and then and retreats allow me to do that.

Which Retreat is Right for Me?…

That all depends on what you want to get out of it. Ask yourself, do you want to finish up some of your acquired projects OR do you want to do something fresh and new? I have one retreat at the end of each year that is dedicated to finishing up those UFOs/WIPs...we ring in the New Year having checked some projects off our list and a fresh start to the year ahead.

All of the retreats that I host throughout the rest of the year are project-based and instructor-led. I write one new quilt pattern for each retreat, and also offer one or two additional projects...examples might be a small wall-hanging and a zippered project bag, or a table-runner and a drawstring bag.

What Do I Need to Bring?...

You need to bring your machine, all of your basic sewing supplies, and if it’s a UFO/WIP retreat, your projects. If it’s project-based, you should get a list of recommended supplies (and if you don’t, ask for one!) that you will need to help finish the projects. I provide packing lists for my retreats and more information than I think most want, but I am an OCD planner and I would rather have more information than not enough. Don’t forget to bring an open mind and a great attitude. Not all, but many quilters are on the quieter, shy side, and I hear this over and over again...I won’t know anyone and I don’t make friends easily. First, you are not alone...believe it or not, that describes me! Second, I haven’t hosted one retreat yet where someone didn’t go home with at least one new friend that they now consider their lifelong quilting mate, and most go home with many.

My “Top” Reasons to Attend…

I truly believe that every quilter should experience an in-person retreat at least once if you are able. If you find it’s not for you, that’s okay, but at least you won’t be left wondering. Here are my top 7 reasons, in no particular order, for attending a quilting retreat, whether it be one of mine, or one near you:

  1. Relaxation...multiple days doing something you love uninterrupted by spouses, children, jobs, dishes, or housework.
  2. Friends...whether you bring a friend or come alone, you will be immersed in a group of people who love to do what you love to do, which makes for an instant bonding experience.
  3. Learning...whether it’s a new technique, a new project, your project, or a project someone else is working on, it’s more than likely you will see something that is new to you.
  4. New may get to learn about and use new fabrics and new products that an instructor includes in the classes that you are not familiar with, and they just may become your new favorites.
  5. may gain a new view on the creative process of quilting through watching others.
  6. Questions...there may be a question about something that you have been struggling with, and with so many different quilters, there is a good chance you will find the answer (if you are not afraid to ask).
  7. Life-Changing...if you find the right retreat, you may experience a life-changing event.

I have either attended or hosted eleven different retreats to date, and I get asked what I get out of hosting retreats. So, here is my answer: all of the work is worth it when that one person who told me they had no quilting friends went home with happy tears because she now has many, or the attendee who arrives clearly depressed due to life circumstances and calls me after returning home and says I changed her life for the helps me remember why I am doing this and what ‘Together We Sew’ really means!



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