Quilting Tips for a Successful 2023

Quilting Tips for a Successful 2023

Posted by Sean Ironmonger on 23rd Jan 2023

Now that we are a few weeks into the new year many of us have already given at least a fleeting thought about what we would like to achieve in our quilting rooms this year. However we often set a goal and then struggle to keep it or give up on it a few weeks in. Why does this happen and how can we avoid this from happening to us? I'm hoping these tips can help you stay motivated and avoid quitting your goals for this year.

Don't set the bar too high

It’s fun to picture ourselves making a quilt a week or one every 3 days but for many of us that is unrealistic. Try and keep your expectations to a reasonable level as life tends to get in the way of our quilty goals. Maybe an increase of 10% would be a good goal. If you made 10 quilts last year try for 11 this year.

Keep an easy project on hand 

It can be fun to make all the intricate and complicated blocks but its also good to have an easy project on hand. A patchwork or scrappy quilt is always fun when you have a limited time to sew. Having a project that has precut fabric like the Puzzle Mystery Quilt or Gnome blocks are great too as you can just unpack the fabric and sew!

Guidelines not Deadlines 

Treat your goals as guidelines and not deadlines. Viewers of my podcast know I miss my weekly goals all the time. I use them to help me focus on what i want to get done each week but Its ok if I don't get to them all. Not every week is going to be a super productive sewing week.

Have a friend, guild or group to keep you accountable 

As with many goals having someone else to check in on you your progress often helps keep you motivated. My viewers keep me motivated whether they know it or not as I love to be able to show them progress on at least something each week. If you don't have local quilty friends there are many online groups you can share your progress photos with.

Its ok to change your goal mid way

Sometimes we have the best of intentions in January but things come up or it takes twice as long to make a quilt top as you expected. (that happens to me all the time). Changing or modifying your goals as you go is perfectly ok. Its your crafting time and you get to set the rules.

Don't compare yourself to others 

This can be a fast track way to derail your plans and confidence. Some can sew quick and have more time than others. Enjoy the journey and go at your own pace.

Keep It Fun! 

For the majority of us quilting is not our full time job. I can only wish right now. The main focus should be having fun and not pressuring ourselves with trying to do too much. If it is no longer fun then we wont want to do it right? If that means slowing down or putting a project away for a while so be it. Let me know what your quilty goals or tips are.