Introducing SPIRIT - Cotton Cuts latest PRE-CUT quilt program


Welcome to Cotton Cuts SPIRIT, where creativity meets tradition in our exclusive Two-Color, Pre-Cut Quilt Program! Dive into the world of Spirit with a unique focus on alma mater pride and sports team spirit. Our program celebrates the essence of school pride by featuring the iconic two colors that every enthusiast knows and loves.  For you, for your favorite sports fanatic, or for your favorite graduate, this program has a little something for everyone in your life.


Discover the joy of creating a masterpiece that showcases your favorite teams and brings the warmth of nostalgia to your living space. Our pre-cut quilt program simplifies the quilting process, making it accessible and enjoyable for both beginners and seasoned quilters. Say goodbye to the hassle of selecting fabrics and cutting complex shapes – we've got you covered with precision and quality.

Whether you're a die-hard fan supporting your alma mater or cheering for your favorite sports team (or know a fellow fan in your life) , our two-color quilt kits provide a seamless way to express your loyalty, showcasing your team spirit in a stylish and meaningful way, where every stitch tells a story of team spirit and cherished memories. Quilt your way to a cozy, personalized work of art that reflects your love for both tradition and the thrill of the game.

How does it work?

Spirit quilt kits come in many common sizes.  Baby, Throw, Twin, Double, Queen and King.  Any size for any budget and your specific needs!

Spirit comes in three different colorways.  All that you need to do is pick two solid colors that suit your fancy!


ALMA MATER - the most common primary and secondary school colors

RAINBOW - a box of primary crayons colors

NEON - bright, shiny and flashy

We use our high capacity die cutters to cut the triangles, squares and strips that you need to complete your project.  We kit them (and add in a few extra parts, just in case) then mail them to you, conveniently packaged with instructions for ease of assembly.

With everything pre-cut, you simply sit and sew.  All that you'll need is a sewing machine and iron and you'll have a complete quilt top in no time!

Limited Drop - AFC / NFC Champion Spirit Kits

First Quarter Design Release - Hourglass

The first Spirit design to be released is the super simple but visually stunning Hourglass block.  We've added borders to give the block more dimension and love the way that the two colors repeat through this block.  One unit of the block finishes 8" x 8".  The unit to the left is 16" x 16" when finished.


Stay tuned as we will release a new spirit block each quarter!

Three different colorways, perfect for every fan in your life!


Please note - Hourglass Spirit Kits will start shipping FEBRUARY 15, 2024.

Two Color Quilts with your favorite Alma Mater colors

Two Color Quilts with your favorite primary crayon box colors

Two Color Quilts with your favorite neon and super bright colors

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabrics are used for these kits?

We use the amazing Moda Bella Solids for all of our Spirit quilt kits.  They have an amazing feel, are very colorfast and have typically shed less than other solid fabrics we've used.

Can I obtain a swatch of the fabric to match colors?

As of right now, unfortunately no.  However, our team is working to find a way to make this happen.  Screen colors do not always accurately match and we understand that completely.  Please check back often as we look to unlock this feature shortly.

Is the Hourglass design the only Spirit design available?

We will be launching a new two color design quarterly.  Please check back (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st) for the latest and greatest design.  However, we will be retiring designs after a period of time, so please do not hesitate if you like the current design :)