Kim is the founder of Cotton Cuts. She has been quilting since she was 13 years old but sewing for as long as she could sit in a chair next to her mom. She loves the geometry and the puzzle piecing elements of quilting. She likes to refer to her craft as “textile engineering” and she considers her style to be transitional modern (bright colors and non-traditional assembly of traditional blocks). She has recently learned how to paper piece and her world was changed. She has two boys, 6 and 4 years old. She teaches sewing and quilting in her neighborhood and looks forward to one day teaching her own boys.


Jenny’s first sewing project was at age 11.  Her Mom taught her how to follow a pattern and make a jumper dress for her young cousin.  She also received a sewing box filled with supplies for Christmas that year.  As an adult, her mother-in-law gifted her an amazing, vintage Bernina sewing machine.  Jenny enjoyed sewing basic items for her daughter and young family members until her middle 30’s.  That is when she discovered a quilt pattern she liked and went for it.  She now loves to quilt and adores picking out the perfect fabrics to make personalized quilts for family and herself.  She looks forward to teaching her daughter the time-honored skill of quilting. When she’s not sewing, she enjoys time with her family and her two cats. 


Karin is a serial crafter – she dabbles in sewing, quilting, crochet, hand embroidery, petting beautiful fabric, cross stich, face painting and scrapbooking.  She is always learning new skills, crafts and techniques!  She learned to sew many moons ago with her grandmother, and mainly used her rudimentary skills to create obscure Halloween costumes (because her kids refuse to choose all the fun options available at the store.)  After her grandmother’s passing in 2017, she was gifted some amazing UFO quilt tops which has inspired her to expand her sewing skills to quilting!  She loves her devastatingly handsome husband, all things rainbow and modern, and is perpetually organizing her craft supplies to make them more accessible. She also is enjoying passing the skill of quilting along to her son and daughter (11 and 9) and her 20 bouncy Girl Scout Brownies.


Valerie considers herself a project based sewer. When her first of three boys was born, she made his entire nursery set of coordinating curtains, crib skirt, and crib bumpters. She then went on to make other baby items like cloth diapers, baby booties, burp cloths, and mei tai style baby carriers. As her children grew, Valerie focused her skills on creative costumes that matched her boys' imaginations. Recently she has branched out and started making baby quilts. She appreciates a variety of fabrics and loves the hunt for coordinating ones. Valerie began teaching her 11 year old son how to sew and together they are participating in their first puzzle mystery quilts.