Snowball Block of the Month Tutorial - July Box

Hi everyone! We are just about at the close of our August box and it’s time to do a Block of the Month Sew Along for our July box. All of you, including you international subscribers, should have your boxes for July so let’s get started!

Our Block of the Month we chose for July was the Snowball Block. This block is fun and easily comes together, using Half Square Triangles and squares.

We’ve made a few images for the Snowball Block instructions below! As you make your blocks on social media, tag us using #botmsbb (BOTM SBB) so we can see what you’re up to. We want to see what you create! This a fun, beginner friendly block and makes an amazing quilt top on it’s own.

Our images give you instructions for a 9″ block, but you can play around with the sizes to get it to whatever fits your vision.


Mission Fiji - Donation Photos

Our very first quilt donation was to Mission Fiji ( in May 2016. We launched the quilt donation portion before our monthly box was up and running as a way to help the people of Fiji. All I can say is that our Heart Builders team is amazing!

If you missed our first update featuring the quilts, you can find that HERE.

The quilts were donated recently and I received both an email and photos as an update from my friend Heather who took the quilts over. It’s so awesome and encouraging so here is what her email said:

“Each mom was given a baby blanket, chocolate, and baby clothes along with our gospel presentation. Right now, it’s the middle of winter and surprisingly Fiji has some pretty chilly nights! These blankets will be a huge blessing to the moms and the babies in the village!

Fijian culture is beautiful but underneath women are treated pretty poorly. Domestic violence is pretty common and women are definitely seen as below men. So thank you for giving us the opportunity to pour into the moms and to lift them up. We gave away all of the blankets we had.

Nabila Village is home to almost 400 people and is pretty poor. Most individuals live in houses with tin roofs. Some work, while others do not. It is common to have people struggling to put food on the table and to supply basic needs for their family. Thanks again for giving us this amazing opportunity. Love, H.”

So many of you played a huge part in getting our quilts ready and donated back in May so thank you for all of your efforts and time that went into it all! It was a huge feat and as our first successful donation, I couldn’t have done it without any of you! Enjoy some update photos!

Quilt made by Cathy Baumgartner

Quilt made by Cathy Baumgartner

Quilts made by Cathy Baumgartner

Quilt made by Kelsey Fox Evans

We donated almost 20 quilts so thank you to everyone who made this quilt contribution successful and a special thanks to our Heart Builders team!

Thank you all for checking out our update. For those of you who were/are box subscribers, your purchases helped us bless the lives of these Moms in Fiji - so thank you!

If you would like to join our box and make a difference, you can join our box HERE.

Indian Hatchet Block of the Month Tutorial - June Box


Hi everyone! We are just about at the close of our July box and it’s time to do a Sew Along for our June box. All of you, including you international subscribers, should have your boxes for June so let’s get started!

Our Block of the Month we chose for June was the Indian Hatchet Block. There are at least 3 variations of this block so we will walk you through ours. This block can be flipped around to create some awesome variations!


Nicole from Mama Love Quilts made this awesome table runner! She flipped th blocks around (using our June box fabric - Glint from Cloud9 Fabrics) with some her stash fabrics, she made X’s and O’s! How cute is that?!

You can find her blog all about it HERE!


Nicole from Modern Handcraft made 4 of the blocks together to make an 18″x18″ square. You can find her blog post HERE!

Now we want to see what you create!

We’ve made a few images for the Indian Hatchet instructions below! As you make your blocks on social media, tag us using #botmsbb (BOTM SBB) so we can see what you’re up to. This a fun, beginner friendly block and makes an amazing quilt top on it’s own.

Our images give you instructions for a 9″ block, but you can play around with the sizes to get it to whatever fits your vision.



Selvage Challenge 2016


Welcome to the Selvage Challenge!

After having 25 lbs. of selvage left over from cutting our May boxes, we not only wanted some help putting them to good use but we wanted a fun challenge for all of you!



How does the challenge work?

Our challenge will run from July 5th – September 25th, 2016.

Our goal and our vision with this challenge would be to see the 25 lbs. of selvage we have plus any selvage you might have go to a great cause while being turned into quilts. As you may or may not know, Stash Builder Box is a monthly quilting box that makes quilt tops for kids in need. As an effort to gather quilt tops and allow our Heart Builders team to finish them so we can donate them, we hope you’ll join us in our challenge. Our challenge is open to anyone, any age/skill level and worldwide!


We realize that you may not have time to make a full quilt top if time does not allow so we will have two categories so everyone can join:

1. Single Item Category - This category will constitute ANY single item, any size made using selvage – pillow, zipper pouch, bag – anything you want to make that does not fall into our second quilt category below.

2. Quilt Category - This category will be made up of quilts. This can be a quilt top or complete quilt. Selvages can be combined with fabric from your stash to make any quilt of your choice – you determine the size, pattern or no pattern, quilt top, or complete finished quilt.

If you would like donate anything you make, it will all go to a good cause! Our suggested donation size for quilts/quilt tops would be no smaller than 40x50 and as large as you’d like. Our donation address and donation organization info can be found here:

You are free to donate and ship to us anytime, please be sure to post a picture with the #selvagechallenge2016 prior to shipping it in to be entered ;) Our team of Heart Builders will finish all quilt tops so we can donate them to kids in need.

Need inspiration? We made a Pinterest board of Inspiration just for you – find it HERE!


In order to be entered to win, take a picture of your project, tag us (#selvagechallenge2016) across Instagram. If you are posting your project on a platform that is not Instagram, such as a Pinterest, blog or Facebook, please email a link to your project to

You are free to enter as many items as you like but please only one tag per project. You are free to tag us in the photo itself (@selvagechallenge) but please make sure to use our hashtag (#selvagechallenge2016) with it!


We have a MEGA prize bundle for each of our winners (1 winner from each category) from a huge variety of makers! We’re talking some seriously awesome, awesome stuff here!!! We won’t reveal too much here until a few weeks into the giveaway, we will be spotlighting our makers plus their bundle donations on our Instagram page HERE - @selvagechallenge. Be sure to follow us there to see what you can win!


CHALLENGE STARTS: July 5th, 2016

CREATE YOUR ENTRY: July 5th – September 25th, 2016

ENTRIES CLOSE: September 25th at 10 PM MST

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: October 1st, 2016


We will have a fun panel of 5 judges who will choose one winner from each category, for 2 winners total. We will also be revealing our judges on our Instagram page HERE - @selvagechallenge.


Q: How much selvage do I need to use in my project?

A: We don’t ask for a certain percentage of your project to be selvage, however we just ask that you incorporate more than a few pieces of selvage to qualify.

Q: What if I don’t have any selvage?

A: If you are in the US, we are offering scrap bags for $5 (INCLUDES U.S. SHIPPING!) here: We have limited quantities so if you want one, feel free to purchase before we run out.


Q: How do I enter to win?

A: In order to be entered to win, tag us with #selvagechallenge2016 across Instagram. If you are posting your project on a platform that is not Instagram, such as a blog or Facebook, please send a link to your project to

Q: Do you have any contest photos that I can post to my social media?

A: We sure do!!! We made some Selvage Challenge images (one can be found below), more can be found by clicking the Selvage Challenge Images link in our navigation or visiting our page here:


Q: Do I HAVE to donate my finished selvage challenge quilt/quilt top?

A: We won’t twist anyone’s arm to give up something they fall in love with. Our goal is to use our selvage for a good cause but if you don’t want to donate, we won’t hold it against you. Feel free to still tag us to be entered to win ;)

Q: Where can I find inspiration?

A: Good question! We created a Pinterest board to help inspire you that is full of quilts & books to help you get inspired:

Q: Does my item have to be new? Can I tag you in a photo of something I made from selvage that I posted last year?

A: We ask out of fairness to the other contestants that the item be something that is not posted prior to July 5th, 2016. We will look at the dates on the photos and consider all items posted after July 5th, 2016 to be eligible to win.

Q: I have other questions! How can I get in touch with you?

A: We would love to chat! Feel free to email us at

We are so excited and hope you’ll join us for our challenge!


Meet The Subscription Box That’s Changing Lives

In a sea of subscription boxes, meet Stash Builder Box. Stash Builder Box is a quilting subscription box that just recently launched but has made a huge difference already. For every single box bought, they take 20% and make quilts for kids.


According to Amanda Kelly, the owner of Stash Builder Box, the idea is very simple. “We are a quilting box that has tapped into the hearts of quilters (like myself) and we encourage quilters to use their skills to make a difference.”


If you want to buy a box, 20% of your box purchase goes to making quilts; if you want to help make quilts, they have a volunteer team that you can join. Every 3 months, Stash Builder Box picks a new organization to donate their quilts to. They hope that with the quilts, kids in need will have something to keep and they’ll truly feel the love and compassion that was put into the making of their quilt.

Last month, Stash Builder Box donated almost 20 quilts to Fiji after collecting them for less than three months. They launched an initiative to collect quilts to take to Fiji before their quilting box had even launched. “I wanted people to see the heart and soul of our company truly is to give back. We wanted to show this before our box even launched, that people truly do matter to us.”


From now until the end of August, Stash Builder Box has selected My Stuff Bags as their donation partner. The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides new belongings, comfort and hope to thousands of children each year who must be rescued from abuse, neglect and abandonment across the United States. The My Stuff Bags Foundation supplies the duffels free of charge as agencies rescue and provide a safe haven to children in danger. They have provided over 480,000 My Stuff Bags to children in over 1,400 agencies in 50 states.

Browsing their social media, you can see that they’ve already teamed up with some of the biggest names in the quilting industry to help spread awareness. For only $23.99/month plus shipping, Stash Builder Box hopes to make a big change in not just the subscription box world, but the whole world.

Visit Stash Builder Box today and help them help kids!

Greek Cross Tutorial - May BOTM


Hi everyone! We are just about at the close of our June box and it’s time to do a Sew Along for our May box. All of you, including you international subscribers, should have your boxes for May so let’s get started!

Our Block of the Month we chose for May was the Greek Cross. According to Fresh Lemon Quilts :

“According to The Quilted Cross by J Michelle Watts, “The Greek cross is one of the original forms used by Christians.  Before Christianity, this cross was an emblem of the Greek goddess of crossroads, Hecate.”The Greek Cross is a traditional equal nine patch made up of half square triangles (HSTs), squares and rectangles.  Nine patch blocks consist of nine squares, three across and three down.  They are simple and were often used as a teaching block to children as they learned to quilt.This block can look dramatically different depending on your color choices and where you decide to leave “white space”.

I love the look of this block! It’s so fun and versatile. Nicole from Mama Love Quilts made this incredible quilted pillow using our Greek Cross pattern & Riley Blake fabric - both from our May box.


Now we want to see what you create!

We’ve made a few images for the Greek Cross instructions below! As you make your blocks on social media, tag us using #botmsbb (BOTM SBB) so we can see what you’re up to. This a fun, beginner friendly block and makes an amazing quilt top on it’s own.

Our images give you instructions for a 9″ block, but you can play around with the sizes to get it to whatever fits your vision.


(quilted pillow image source)


Mission Fiji Update + Photos!


Hi everyone! When I first started out with Stash Builder Box, I knew my box wanted to have a cause. My life verse is  “Do not withhold good from whom it is due when it is your power to act.” - Proverbs 3:27. With quilting, so far in my life, I’ve been able to use quilts as a way to spread “good”, if you will, and I know many, many quilters who feel the same way!

When I got a college graduation announcement in the mail from a friend, she mentioned that she was taking donations and asking for supplies as she was headed to Fiji for 6 weeks over the summer. I instantly messaged her and asked if she needed quilts. Turns out, quilts in Fiji are in super high demand and they LOVE blankets. So! I went to town. I hopped on Instagram and put out some feelers for some donations and help making blankets. In an instant, people stepped up to help and it was truly amazing.

This was Mid-March.

Over the course of the next few weeks time, my friend finalized her deadline & gave us a final deadline of the last week of May. We just came up to that deadline and it has been AMAZING. Not only do we have 15 quilts of all sizes to send with her to Fiji, but I also have over a dozen quilt tops in my basement. These tops are going to be finished and sent to our next organization (stay tuned for an announcement of who we selected!) and we’ll work with them for June, July and August.

There have been SO many helping hands that have made, shipped and finished quilts for donating! There have been so many long hours, late nights and many sacrifices people have made to get these quilts finished in time to hit this deadline. It’s been truly a blessing! If you played a part in making these quilts, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your efforts will not go unnoticed and you will truly make a difference in the life of the children in Fiji.

Thanks to all of you, our donation stack was impressive! I wanted a chance to showcase all of the wonderful hard work that went into each and every quilt, so here are some photos of every quilt being donated to Fiji.


Thank you to everyone that purchased our box in May or joined our Heart Builders team in March, April or May. This could not have been accomplished without the work of SO many, so thank you to all!

If you would like to be part of our next quilt donation, you can sign up to help here & join our Facebook Event below:

Improving the lives of others: The importance of giving back.

Millions of children across the world suffer on a daily basis. Children, who are traumatized, sick or otherwise in need, require our help today. Having the ability to give back to less fortunate families, reminds us of just how lucky we are. These days, it can be a little too easy to forget about the needy, poor and sick. We are all guilty of it.  Some researchers have even claimed that all human beings are innately selfish creatures. Well, its time break the cycle and put that notion to rest. If we wish to see change in the world, and help our fellow human beings, we ourselves should be that change.

To make a real difference in the quality of life of others, there are many ways to do so.

Donating time and energy. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your community and help people. Whether it’s doing an outdoor project on the weekend, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or helping out at and elderly residence, you can truly give back and make your city a better place.

Monetary contributions.  Contributing to a charity of your choice lets you make the decision on where you want to help. Thousands of charities across the country continue to need help. Some charities will work directly with those in need, helping them with the basic necessities of life. While others use monetary donations to fund research to help fight terrible ailments and diseases. Companies like Amazon are leading the cause buy letting you choose which charity to help, by donating 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products.

Resources.  Rather than time or money, there are ways to give back by making physical donations such as food or clothing. Food banks allow you to bring in cans of food to give and distribute to families. Other places let you donate clothing and coats that are distributed to homeless and battered women’s shelters.

These are all great ways that contribute to the well being of our fellow neighbors. Recognizing that you are in a position to help is the first step. Giving back allows you to choose when and where to make a difference. It’s easy to get inspired with a cause you truly care about.

At Stash Builder Box, a local Utah based company, they do as much as possible to keep others in mind. Their vision is to change and impact lives through quilting. SBB is a monthly subscription based box that is mailed out, containing quilting fabrics, tools and goodies. Boxes change every month so you can always expect something great. For every box they send out, 20% of the proceeds from every sale goes towards making a quilt for a child in need. They work hard with many organizations to donate these quilts to children in need.  This month, just five days after their initial grand opening and website launch, SBB is already preparing to send over 20 quilts to those in need.  Stash Builder Box is expecting to double or even triple that number by June 1st. Helping others and giving back are really the core values at SBB. From day one, owner Amanda Kelly knew she wanted to help. From all the quilts covering her basement floor, you can truly feel the love that she has for those in need.

So whether it’s donating your time, monetary contributions or other resources Amanda invites all to do what they can to help our fellow neighbors and communities.  Not only can you change and impact lives, you will feel good doing it. To learn more about Stash Builder Box and Amanda’s cause, click here for more info.

Reconnecting with our roots - A brief history of sewing.

What is one of the oldest forms of survival and self-expression?  From the tombs of Egypt to the Han dynasty in china and across the plains of the United States, one thing has connected people and cultures from around the world.  Sewing has helped throngs of people stay warm from making shelters, to expressing ones creativeness in elaborate, beautiful designs.   Sewing, taking two pieces of material, and making them one, has had an essential role in human progression throughout the ages.

Native American Indians would sew buffalo, deer and bear hides together for clothes, tools, and shelter. Learning the delicate process from their ancestors was a integral part of the young child’s lives.  Their tribe depended on the women to keep the art alive. Knowledge was passed down and shared throughout the primitive communities.  Today, we are able to look, see and even feel some of the beautiful designs that were used as clothing and ceremonial dresses.  To have a small piece of history is only possible though the amazing stitching of great craftsmanship.

The same is to be said throughout other parts of the world. Sewing thread would be made of tendons or ligaments. Depending on what was being made, animal veins and plants were also used for stronger durability or softness.  Bone, wood and even porcelain were used as needles to complete the tedious stitching. The final product would be a real piece of art, showcasing the artist talent and emotion.

Fast forward to the industrial revolution. Between 1700s and 1850, sewing machines popped up in Germany and France. From the 1800s to the 1900s, sewing patterns became the norm across western civilization.  Clothing shops were too expensive for the working middle and lower classes. Husbands depended on their wives to make suitable clothing for hard work and tailored suits businessmen.

In the 1860s, Ebenezer Butterick of Massachusetts was the one to invent tissue paper clothing patterns that could be traced and replicated.  These patterns were offered in a variety of shapes and sizes and satisfied the demand for the sewing revolution. Pattern companies picked up this new form design and were commonly sold in women’s magazines.

Eventually, prices dropped in clothing stores and purchasing pre-made clothes was more common than sewing fabrics together at home. There is still a thriving community today, but not like it used to be.

This lost art form can easily be overlooked today. We have sewing machines, and computers to design, print, and create our wonderful blankets, cloths, and tapestries. Sewing and stitching shops can be found scattered throughout America’s cities and towns. They hold steadfast and shine like a lighthouse for those who still wish to create. A beacon for those who want make something unique with their own time and energy. They provide to those who want their treasure to last. Each piece of work done by hand can be a masterpiece. Even these days, one can spend the time, put in the work and make single pieces extraordinary.  

Another beacon shines brighter than ever today.  Stash Builder Box, a Salt Lake City based company is beckoning us to return to a time when hard work and creativity meant something.  This unique company is making that call easier then ever. With today’s common feeling of “never having time”, Stash builder box (SBB) is your monthly subscription based box, full of patterns, fabric and fun. For an extremely affordable price, SBB brings quilting content directly to your door. Each month your box has between 10-12 things included that are high quality and desired.

“The main purpose of Stash Builder Box is to help those newbies and challenge the daily sewist with a box full of already put together quilting essentials. It takes the guess work out of the projects and each box gives you everything you need to complete a block - as well as builds your “stash” along the way!”

- Amanda Kelly, Owner

Another reason SBB is changing the current mantra of sewing, is that for every box they sell, they take a portion of their own “stash” to make into quilts to donate. SBB quilts are donated to children in need and who are less fortunate.  They work directly with multiple organizations to give back to the community.  When asked about their donation quilts, Mrs. Kelly says,  “Our quilts impact lives and change lives for those in need.”

There is something truly inspiring about creating something with your hands. SBB helps you do so seamlessly and very effortlessly. They help us to reconnect with our roots.   This is the invitation to do something great. This is an invitation to create, make, sew, and help those in need.

To learn more about Stash Builder Box, and help a great cause, check them out on Instagram and Facebook.