Selvage Challenge 2016


Welcome to the Selvage Challenge!

After having 25 lbs. of selvage left over from cutting our May boxes, we not only wanted some help putting them to good use but we wanted a fun challenge for all of you!



How does the challenge work?

Our challenge will run from July 5th – September 25th, 2016.

Our goal and our vision with this challenge would be to see the 25 lbs. of selvage we have plus any selvage you might have go to a great cause while being turned into quilts. As you may or may not know, Stash Builder Box is a monthly quilting box that makes quilt tops for kids in need. As an effort to gather quilt tops and allow our Heart Builders team to finish them so we can donate them, we hope you’ll join us in our challenge. Our challenge is open to anyone, any age/skill level and worldwide!


We realize that you may not have time to make a full quilt top if time does not allow so we will have two categories so everyone can join:

1. Single Item Category - This category will constitute ANY single item, any size made using selvage – pillow, zipper pouch, bag – anything you want to make that does not fall into our second quilt category below.

2. Quilt Category - This category will be made up of quilts. This can be a quilt top or complete quilt. Selvages can be combined with fabric from your stash to make any quilt of your choice – you determine the size, pattern or no pattern, quilt top, or complete finished quilt.

If you would like donate anything you make, it will all go to a good cause! Our suggested donation size for quilts/quilt tops would be no smaller than 40x50 and as large as you’d like. Our donation address and donation organization info can be found here:

You are free to donate and ship to us anytime, please be sure to post a picture with the #selvagechallenge2016 prior to shipping it in to be entered ;) Our team of Heart Builders will finish all quilt tops so we can donate them to kids in need.

Need inspiration? We made a Pinterest board of Inspiration just for you – find it HERE!


In order to be entered to win, take a picture of your project, tag us (#selvagechallenge2016) across Instagram. If you are posting your project on a platform that is not Instagram, such as a Pinterest, blog or Facebook, please email a link to your project to

You are free to enter as many items as you like but please only one tag per project. You are free to tag us in the photo itself (@selvagechallenge) but please make sure to use our hashtag (#selvagechallenge2016) with it!


We have a MEGA prize bundle for each of our winners (1 winner from each category) from a huge variety of makers! We’re talking some seriously awesome, awesome stuff here!!! We won’t reveal too much here until a few weeks into the giveaway, we will be spotlighting our makers plus their bundle donations on our Instagram page HERE - @selvagechallenge. Be sure to follow us there to see what you can win!


CHALLENGE STARTS: July 5th, 2016

CREATE YOUR ENTRY: July 5th – September 25th, 2016

ENTRIES CLOSE: September 25th at 10 PM MST

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: October 1st, 2016


We will have a fun panel of 5 judges who will choose one winner from each category, for 2 winners total. We will also be revealing our judges on our Instagram page HERE - @selvagechallenge.


Q: How much selvage do I need to use in my project?

A: We don’t ask for a certain percentage of your project to be selvage, however we just ask that you incorporate more than a few pieces of selvage to qualify.

Q: What if I don’t have any selvage?

A: If you are in the US, we are offering scrap bags for $5 (INCLUDES U.S. SHIPPING!) here: We have limited quantities so if you want one, feel free to purchase before we run out.


Q: How do I enter to win?

A: In order to be entered to win, tag us with #selvagechallenge2016 across Instagram. If you are posting your project on a platform that is not Instagram, such as a blog or Facebook, please send a link to your project to

Q: Do you have any contest photos that I can post to my social media?

A: We sure do!!! We made some Selvage Challenge images (one can be found below), more can be found by clicking the Selvage Challenge Images link in our navigation or visiting our page here:


Q: Do I HAVE to donate my finished selvage challenge quilt/quilt top?

A: We won’t twist anyone’s arm to give up something they fall in love with. Our goal is to use our selvage for a good cause but if you don’t want to donate, we won’t hold it against you. Feel free to still tag us to be entered to win ;)

Q: Where can I find inspiration?

A: Good question! We created a Pinterest board to help inspire you that is full of quilts & books to help you get inspired:

Q: Does my item have to be new? Can I tag you in a photo of something I made from selvage that I posted last year?

A: We ask out of fairness to the other contestants that the item be something that is not posted prior to July 5th, 2016. We will look at the dates on the photos and consider all items posted after July 5th, 2016 to be eligible to win.

Q: I have other questions! How can I get in touch with you?

A: We would love to chat! Feel free to email us at

We are so excited and hope you’ll join us for our challenge!