Mission Fiji - Donation Photos

Our very first quilt donation was to Mission Fiji (http://missionfiji.org/) in May 2016. We launched the quilt donation portion before our monthly box was up and running as a way to help the people of Fiji. All I can say is that our Heart Builders team is amazing!

If you missed our first update featuring the quilts, you can find that HERE.

The quilts were donated recently and I received both an email and photos as an update from my friend Heather who took the quilts over. It’s so awesome and encouraging so here is what her email said:

“Each mom was given a baby blanket, chocolate, and baby clothes along with our gospel presentation. Right now, it’s the middle of winter and surprisingly Fiji has some pretty chilly nights! These blankets will be a huge blessing to the moms and the babies in the village!

Fijian culture is beautiful but underneath women are treated pretty poorly. Domestic violence is pretty common and women are definitely seen as below men. So thank you for giving us the opportunity to pour into the moms and to lift them up. We gave away all of the blankets we had.

Nabila Village is home to almost 400 people and is pretty poor. Most individuals live in houses with tin roofs. Some work, while others do not. It is common to have people struggling to put food on the table and to supply basic needs for their family. Thanks again for giving us this amazing opportunity. Love, H.”

So many of you played a huge part in getting our quilts ready and donated back in May so thank you for all of your efforts and time that went into it all! It was a huge feat and as our first successful donation, I couldn’t have done it without any of you! Enjoy some update photos!

Quilt made by Cathy Baumgartner

Quilt made by Cathy Baumgartner

Quilts made by Cathy Baumgartner

Quilt made by Kelsey Fox Evans

We donated almost 20 quilts so thank you to everyone who made this quilt contribution successful and a special thanks to our Heart Builders team!

Thank you all for checking out our update. For those of you who were/are box subscribers, your purchases helped us bless the lives of these Moms in Fiji - so thank you!

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