Meet The Subscription Box That’s Changing Lives

In a sea of subscription boxes, meet Stash Builder Box. Stash Builder Box is a quilting subscription box that just recently launched but has made a huge difference already. For every single box bought, they take 20% and make quilts for kids.


According to Amanda Kelly, the owner of Stash Builder Box, the idea is very simple. “We are a quilting box that has tapped into the hearts of quilters (like myself) and we encourage quilters to use their skills to make a difference.”


If you want to buy a box, 20% of your box purchase goes to making quilts; if you want to help make quilts, they have a volunteer team that you can join. Every 3 months, Stash Builder Box picks a new organization to donate their quilts to. They hope that with the quilts, kids in need will have something to keep and they’ll truly feel the love and compassion that was put into the making of their quilt.

Last month, Stash Builder Box donated almost 20 quilts to Fiji after collecting them for less than three months. They launched an initiative to collect quilts to take to Fiji before their quilting box had even launched. “I wanted people to see the heart and soul of our company truly is to give back. We wanted to show this before our box even launched, that people truly do matter to us.”


From now until the end of August, Stash Builder Box has selected My Stuff Bags as their donation partner. The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides new belongings, comfort and hope to thousands of children each year who must be rescued from abuse, neglect and abandonment across the United States. The My Stuff Bags Foundation supplies the duffels free of charge as agencies rescue and provide a safe haven to children in danger. They have provided over 480,000 My Stuff Bags to children in over 1,400 agencies in 50 states.

Browsing their social media, you can see that they’ve already teamed up with some of the biggest names in the quilting industry to help spread awareness. For only $23.99/month plus shipping, Stash Builder Box hopes to make a big change in not just the subscription box world, but the whole world.

Visit Stash Builder Box today and help them help kids!