July Block of the Month: Lily Star

The Stash Builder Box Block of the Month is the Lily Star. This block looks classic, yet very impressive at the same time. The overall construction of the Lily Star is simple, but some of the pieces are small, so it is important to be precise.

Cutting Instructions

Fabric A: Cut 4- 3 ½” squares

Fabric A: Cut 1- 4 ¼” square

Fabric A: Cut 1- 2 ⅝” square

Fabric B: Cut 2- 4 ¼” squares

Fabric C: Cut 2-2 ⅜” squares

Fabric C: Cut 1-4 ¼” square

All seam allowances are ¼”.

Assembly Instructions

1) Cut each 4 ¼” square in quarters on the diagonals.

2) Cut the 2 ⅜” Fabric C squares in half on the diagonal.

3) With right sides together, stitch together one Fabric A triangle and one Fabric B triangle according to the photo below.

4) Open and press to the dark side.

5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the other 3 Fabric A and Fabric B triangle pairs. Stitch together the 4 remaining Fabric B triangles and the larger Fabric C triangles according to steps 3 and 4.

6) Assemble triangles into hourglass units.

7) Trim each unit to 3 ½” square.

8) Attach the smaller Fabric C triangles to the 2 ⅝” Fabric A square, according to the photo below.

9) Press all of the seams out, and trim to 3 ½” square.

10) Lay out the block according to the photo below. Sew the units into rows.

11) Press the seams on the first and third rows out. Press the seams on the middle row to the center.

12) Sew the rows together.

13) Do a final press and trim to 9” square.

Be sure to post photos of your finished blocks to social media using #BOTMSBB! We just love to see your spin on the Stash Builder Box Block of the Month!