Ambassador in Waiting - March Challenge

Hi there, lovely Ambassadors in waiting!

We are SO excited to Introduce our 2nd EVER Ambassador in Waiting Challenge! 

Here’s how it works:

1. We made up a AIW (Ambassador in Waiting) Challenge bundle just for you! I emailed a special link to you so check your email (including your Junk mail!) to purchase yours today. Quantities are limited, you will only have until 9pm MST on 2/23 to purchase your bundle.

2. For only $7 ($4 bundle + $3 shipping), you’ll get a bundle including :

  •  - a mystery half-yard cut from the Hidden Garden collection from Birch Fabrics that’s 100% organic with low impact dyes
  • - The SBB quilty truth pencil exclusive shown above that’s exclusive to our block challenge
  •  - a small spool of Aurifil thread
  • PLUS a chance to make a block to bless kids in need!

(Please know all bundles will be put together at random & will vary in the colors of thread and fabric prints from the Hidden Garden collection. The picture above is an example bundle and may not be the exact print & thread you’ll receive.)

3. Once you buy your bundle and it arrives (your bundle will ship First Class Mail on 2/24), your challenge will begin!

4. This challenge will be using the paper-pieced Tall Tales block by Kate Basti. You can find the pattern HERE : – it will download directly as a PDF when you click on the link.


(photo credit: Kate Basti)

5. In order to receive the same size blocks and make sure our quilt top making process is smooth, we are asking the following guidelines for this challenge:


- Print off the pattern at full scale 100%. Kate has a 1” guide at the bottom of her pattern page if you need to ensure correct sizing.

- We are asking each person to make and donate 2 blocks EACH, as they are smaller than the LOVE blocks from our previous challenge and we will need more to make a complete quilt top. You are more than welcomed to make MORE than 2 if you desire, too!

- In order to be qualified to win any of the prizes, you must use strictly the Birch January fabric from your bundle and solids along with this pattern. We ask for strictly solids so that each block looks cohesive together.


-PLEASE trim your block pieces down on the furthest OUTSIDE dashed pattern line for every single piece to line up correctly. Please know that Kate’s block is completed tentatively at 4″ x 6.5″ excluding borders.


Once you make the completed block, we would like it to be bigger than the tutorial so we ask you add borders to all sides. Please measure & add the necessary amount of borders to all sides to make it finish at 6.5″ width x 9″ height .

(Side note: I always find it easier to add more inches than necessary to each side for wiggle room to trim down precisely. I don’t mind waste so with my block I added 2″ on all sides and trimmed down from there. )

But do what works best for you to get you to the 6.5″ width x 9″ height :)

Also, There is no color preference on the color of the borders.

- By making your blocks 6.5 x 9, it will help us with accuracy when piecing the top together.

- Pretty please tear out your papers prior to sending your blocks in and when mailing in your blocks, we ask that you don’t fold your blocks if possible :)

6. Make your Tall Tales Block your own! Get creative with stitching or other embellishments; show your personality in your block!


(photo credit: Kate Basti)

7. Post your blocks by 3/13 : Post your Tall Tales block to Instagram by 9pm MST on 3/13 to be entered to win the first prize! Be sure to tag & give pattern credit to @katebasti, tagging us (@stashbuilderbox) AND using both #talltalesblock AND #sbbambassadors hashtags so we can easily find your blocks.

8. Drop your blocks in the mail to us postmarked by 3/20:

Please ship them to our PO box :

Stash Builder Box – Block Challenge

PO Box 95755

South Jordan UT 84095

*Please remember to not fold your blocks when shipping them in, if possible.

Be sure to put your name and IG name somewhere inside your package so we know who it belongs to!

9. All of the Tall Tales blocks will all be sewn together into finished quilts by our volunteer Heart Builders team. We’ll take some pictures once they’re all complete and the very best part is that YOUR block will be part of a quilt that’s donated to kids in need!

10. It’s a win win! You’ll bless someone, you’ll get a chance to play with the collection from our January box AND get a chance to win prizes!


On 3/23 - We’ll pick a random winner of a posted Tall Tales block from our hashtags on Instagram (#talltalesblock AND #sbbambassadors) on to win a Cotton + Steel Coloring Book


(photo credit)

PLUS a 24 pack of Tombow Colored Pencils!



We’ll pick a random winner on 3/31 from the donated blocks we receive, to win a copy of The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock. 


Remember, as an Ambassador in Waiting, this challenge is ONLY exclusive to you! It’s an awesome, fun way to get involved and encourage those who could use some kindness and encouragement.

We can’t wait to bless some kids & see your blocks!

Questions? Feel free to email Amanda anytime at :!

** Special thanks to Kate Basti for letting us use her Tall Tales photos & Block pattern for this challenge.

***Our challenge is exclusive to our Ambassadors in Waiting in the U.S. at this time only.

If you’d like to apply for our next round of Ambassadors and have your chance at our next challenge, please be sure to follow our Instagram and look for an announcement at the beginning of March:

**Please know that this is an optional challenge. Involvement in our Challenge is optional to have fun with other Ambassadors in Waiting & it will have no effect on your Ambassador spot**