Siracusa by Jessica Rose

  • Skill Level – Advanced Beginner

  • Seam Allowance - 1⁄4”

  • WOF – Width of Fabric, most fabric is 42” wide, this pattern assumes fabric will be

    42” wide from selvage to selvage.

  • Starching fabrics prior to cutting is recommended to prevent fabric warping and

    fraying while piecing.

  • For more strip piecing tips and tricks, visit

  • This quilt works best when Color A is darkest, Color B is lighter, and Color C is the


  • Pressing to the side allows for nesting and will result in cleaner corners.

  • Measurements in the pattern listed within parentheses refer to the three sizes:


Download PDF includes full fabric quantities for all sizes, photos and diagrams and finishing information. You will receive an e-mail with a download link that is good for 24 hours.