Quilty Notions and Fabric Gift Lovers Unite! 13 Day Countdown


These aren’t just any notions or boring quilting gifts. We definitely didn’t want to include basic things you might already have or duplicate anything that you already love. Fun AND functional. Our team searched high and low for these goodies. We’ve included the best from Moda, Ruby Star, Riley Blake and many other nifty things that you won’t find in your sewing room today!

The Notions and Gifts countdowns have 13 items in them. Why 13? 12 would make more sense, right? Because we couldn’t decide on just 12 and thought a baker’s dozen would be a splendid way to spoil you. You get to decide which day is a double gift day. You are very welcome!

Each box includes over $145 of value - you will not want to miss this. Additionally, each item will be individually wrapped with a “clue”. Guess with your friends and see how many you can get correct. Or, do the inner quilting kiddo thing and just open them without abandon. We won’t tell anyone. :)