Cotton Cuts is on a mission to create jobs. We have partnered with a local workshop that provides dignified employment opportunities to the intellectually challenged and to those with other disabilities. Every Cotton Cuts membership that you purchase contributes toward enriching the lives of these very talented individuals.

Valley Industries is a sheltered workshop in Hazelwood, Missouri employing more than 200 workers with disabilities in a facility of more than 59,000 square feet. These employees are reliable, work hard, and enjoy every single second of their time at work. They show us that well trained workers with extraordinary concentration deliver extraordinary quality products and services.

Valley's mission is to provide dignified, meaningful employment for adults with developmental disabilities, while providing outstanding quality and service to our valued customers. Their vision is to be the employer of choice for people with developmental disabilities.

The workshop specializes in kit building, collation, assembly and disassembly, packaging, shrink-wrapping, blister packaging, mailing and UPS/FedEx shipping, cleaning, and commercial laundry. Valley's projects can range from assembly of components for Boeing, marketing materials for Marriott Hotels and packaging for Sam's. Additionally, Valley is the Missouri Lottery warehouse and distribution center for picking and packing replenishment orders to ship to the 4800 retail locations who sell lottery tickets. According to Valley Industries executive director Jim Guyre, “Our workers are very good at what they do. No job is too big or too small. They really enjoy coming to work every day and being productive citizens of this community.”

It was all of this that attracted Cotton Cuts to Valley.  Some partners shied away from a project with fabric and rotary cutters, but Valley jumped right in with both feet and a "Can Do" attitude. We love the team at Valley that supports us. As most quilters can relate, cutting fabric can be very therapeutic and Valley has the right team in place that can deliver quality results that benefit both Cotton Cuts and provide therapy for the workers that support our projects. We love the win-win!

We'd love to share two photos of the team that support our projects. Lemarr uses custom made fixtures to ensure every cut is exactly 1/2 yard followed by a cut to remove the fold from each piece to create our fat quarters. Jackie then folds each piece of fabric so that they will fit into each box delivered to our members. Yes, those are the yummy Cotton + Steel fabrics that shipped to our members in May!

To learn more about Valley Industries, please visit their website here.  
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