Welcome to Chroma

An exclusive 50wt Aurifil thread membership!


Each month, a lovely package of color themed threads will arrive to your doorstep. This is a wonderful way to gradually build a versatile and multi-colored thread stash! Simply choose your perfect combination and our team will get to work to pack a beautiful assortment of thread just for you!

Why Join?

1. All the colors of the rainbow, Throughout the year.

With over 270 amazing colors, you will get the best 50wt cotton spools each month, delivered right to your door. Never run out of thread again and discover your "new" favorite colors!


2. Your choice of pattern

Choose a fresh new pattern to try with your brand new thread inspiration. Patterns are new each month and will inspire both novice and experienced quilters alike!

3. Save Time and Money

Save when you join a membership and skip trips to the store. More time to quilt and sew!

4. Cancel Anytime

No commitment and easy to cancel when you want. We make it easy to cancel, skip a month, join again or even try a new club instead!

What color thread will I get each month?

January - White _ Low Volume February - Pink March - Aqua _ Light Blue April - Yellow (1).png

Chroma is a rolling 12 month program with different threads each month. You can join at any time! Want to skip a month? Just let us know - we will happily assist you!

Aurifil 50 wt Memberships

1422 yds (1300m) Spools


Super Pop

3 Spools

1 Variegated, 2 Solid

Pattern Download

Collectible “CC Color Challenge” Quilt Block

Starting at $27.95 per mo plus shipping

220 yds (200m) Spools



6 Spools

1 Variegated, 4 Solid

1 White

Pattern Download

Collectible “CC Color Challenge” Quilt Block

Starting at $25.95 per mo plus shipping

Petite Pop

4 Spools

1 Variegated, 2 Solid

1 White

Pattern Dowload

Collectible “CC Color Challenge” Quilt Block

Starting at $18.45 per mo plus shipping

All memberships ship on the 10th of the month and renew on the 20th of the prior month.

Give the gift of Chroma! Simply select the membership above that matches your quilter, add their shipping information at checkout and become your quilter’s new best friend. Gift giving isn’t any easier than that! Still can’t decide? A Gift Card works just as well!

Why is Auriful the best?

Aurifil Thread is the leading Quilting, Piecing, Applique, Sewing, Serging, Embroidery, Redwork, and Embellishment thread around the world. Each spool of Aurifil Cotton Mako is mercerised - this enables the fibres to contract and increases the efficiency of the dyeing process. The result is a high sheen thread with a great washing resistance uncomparable to other cotton threads available on the market. Cotton Mako' 50 is perfect for your everyday quilting needs - the long staple Mako' cotton is very smooth and strong and there is always a perfect color match for both the quilt top and the bobbin.


Have questions? Simply Contact Us - we are always happy to help!

Every thread lover deserves the special feeling of receiving beautiful, quality quilting thread...
We provide that experience, one Cotton Cut at a time.